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An Intelligent Customer Data Platform in the cloud

Activate your data across the customer experience to optimize programs that generate real results.

The VIEWN Customer Data Platform (CDP) connects customer data from all of your business applications with minimal, if any, IT involvement. We provide users with an easy-to-use interface to access customer insights and enable customer experience orchestration across channels and the buyer journey. Creating this single, 360-degree view of the customer, we help businesses extract the most out of their technology investment and achieve positive business results.

Enhanced Customer Experience

eCommerce and other customer-facing systems, like your website and marketing automation tools, produce huge volumes of valuable data. When you utilize multiple platforms, the volume of customer data grows quickly, but separately. Make sense of all this data with VIEWN and use it to orchestrate positive, personalized experiences.


Connect to all customer data sources with VIEWN connectors (no coding required)


Integrate the data and apply VIEWN algorithms to organize the information


Gain insights about your customers based on segments and personas


Apply insights to design programs that deliver personalized experiences


No Coding Required

Customer data is everywhere and not useful until it's together in a single, complete view.  Unlock the power and value of your customer data without having to rely on IT resources. Integrate the fragmentend and siloed data in your business applications using VIEWN out-of-the-box connectors. Once the data is integrated in the CDP, VIEWN provides enhanced security to protect the customer information, preferences and most importantly, their privacy. 

Powerful Segmentation Engine

See your customers, like you have never seen them before-- organized into segments and grouped by personas, based on demographic, psychographic, behavioral, buyer journey, purchase history and predictive information. Use these insights to create personalized customer experiences that lead to sales, improve retention and grow loyalty to your business.

Customer intelligence at your fingertips with embedded analytics.

You don't need to purchase and learn how to use more business intelligence tools, with customer analytics embedded in our CDP software. It is like Tableau + VIEWN but we took care of the Tableau. To be successful you need to keep the customer at the center so we show you the segments created by our marketing models then show you the performance.

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Unify customer data to deliver experiences your customers expect.
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