Segmentation solutions

Visibility into you most valued customers

Brands can use data to build empathy for the customer. Understand who your customers are from the different ways they interact with you.

Customer retention prediction

Machine learning of engagement to predict if the customers are going to stay

We prepare your customer data from orders and marketing systems and make it usable for data growth. We take demographic, attitudinal, and transactional information to see what makes a customer stay or leave. Treat your customers like you know who they are and they will stay.

How and why customer buy

Discover what your customer LOVE

With ViewN we can tell you who your customers are, what they are doing, how they interact, and why. Growing any business becomes remarkably easier. We have partnered with CEO Analytics to bring you a packaged solution to understanding what your customers LOVE with their innovative approach to capturing unbiased attitudinal and perception data.

Unlock look-alike prospecting

Let the data you have inform who to attract

Through interactions, your customers inform you of who they are. We build visibility of who your customers are, where they and what they do with our innovative approach to segmentation from CRM and order data.

Audience isolation

Drill down into segments within your funnel

Get a 360-degree customer view to work for you and grow customer lifetime value (CTLV) and sales penetration by territory. Our solution in partnership with Revenue Architects gives B2B new insights from past engagement and campaign performance. Isolate those audiences that could use a nudge to the next step.