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Meeting marketing expectations

Practical Solutions

Brands have brought their customer data in-house to have greater access and deeper insight on who they are.


Digital Marketing Enabler

VIEWN unique marketing data playground as we like to call our CDP (Customer Data Platform) is crafted to deliver empathy to brands customers. By understanding the relationship between producers and consumers we can integrate and analyze engagement. Our multi-brand, multi-account and limitless audience manager, allows us to provide a single customers view for marketplaces and agencies. But imagine the power we can deliver to single brands organizations like yours, that are in need to understand their marketing campaign effectiveness and personalize their communication with customers.


On-line marketplaces and platforms have grown and consolidated to survive. Customers need to be continuously engaged making this market especially hungry for technological advantages. More digital brands turning the focus and spend to 1rst party engagements with new GDPR rules. 

Partnering with Agencies

Brands must better convey to their audiences and creatives a sense of their values and sincerity. They can do so with specific segments and personas organized via our CDP. Agencies looking to assist marketing departments with their data needs can partner with ViewN for advanced data services.


Brands user hundreds of marketing tools with the average brand using seven tools each day to execute campaigns. ViewN's ability work and connect to data sources compliments the marketing software landscape needs.


Our passion in Marketplaces

ViewN multi-agency, multi-brand is the perfect CDP platform for Digital Marketplaces, we understand both consumer and producer needs as well as the internal needs of the organization. We let you see and measure each individual component of your business which in terms provides a big picture of the Marketplace itself.


Before the CDPs category of software, going after the single-customer view was complex and required heavy data migrations.  Marketing technology spend will continue to grow as customer rush to mobile and interactions are consistently multi-channel.

CDP Institute