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Activate Your Customer Data

Liberate the data locked in siloed systems and applications, bring it together for a single customer view and utilize it in orchestrated programs across your business.

Having customer data integrated in one place transforms businesses and how they operate. Customer-centric businesses apply customer insights into their marketing, sales and service to deliver customer experiences that build relationships and lead to growth.  

Intelligent data solutions for customer-centric companies.


Single Source of Truth

The consolidated and integrated single customer view generated by VIEWN is the source of customer truth for businesses. Give the teams responsible for the customer experience and buyer journey direct access to insights to develop and optimize their operations and programs.  


Leverage insights from customer segmentation, personas and predictive analytics to tailor personalized messages and offers to move customers along their unique buyer journey. Demonstrate understanding and personalize the customer experience to build trust, strengthen loyalty, and grow your brand.  

Data Privacy

As you deliver personalized, trusted, relevent customer experiences, have confidence that your business is in complying with the ever-evolving, global privacy regulations. With the VIEWN CDP, your customers' information and preferences are secure in one place. Teams can recognize and honor customer preferences, so that it is upheld across the entire customer experience.

Get the insights and solutions you want with the technology you have.
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Let us show you the value of your data.

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