Transform Your View into a Customer-centric Brand

Drive traffic to your Shopify store effectively, then  retain them as subscribers

eCommerce produces a lot of telling data.  VIEWN gives you insights to grow it by bringing data together and making sense of it from the stand point of the customer.

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Increase in Conversion

Better customer experiences leads to more conversions. Focus on the factors that convert from our insights.

Increase in CLV

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What if your subscribers would stay and additional month? Retention insights of you best segments will help.

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ROAS increase

Improve the effectiveness of your ads with better messaging toward your personas.

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More subscribers

Grow you customer audience that will purchase again. What makes the customer love your brand? Ask us.

Easy Integration with Key Shopify Apps for Subscription Nurturing

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customer data platform



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Get Our Guide on How to Use CDPs to Grow eCommerce

So much of growth and retention is about connecting with the motivations of the customer.  Download our FREE guide today!


Augment the data you have and get what's missing from Amazon to improve your margins.


Apply learnings from one store to another. Market to lookalikes for lower closing ratio. 


Increase customer targets with better marketing—lower CPA by engaging the right audience.

Grow and Retain with Advanced Customer Insights That's Still Simple Enough to Act

Targeted Campaigns from Intelligence
  • Geographic segmentation

  • Seasonality details

  • Behavioral insights

  • Factor based-clustering

Retention Intelligence
  • New vs. returning customers

  • Customer wallet and buying pattern

  • Returning customers as a share of the sale

  • Channel analysis

Customer analytics for eCommerce

Store performance at your disposal will help you optimize your ad spend with better personalization.

Side-by-side Information on Store Performance. 
  • Sales Performance and trends

  • Product Performance and trends

  • Customer Engagement

Market to Specific Audiences to Ad fees 
  • Normal Behaviors - quantity, frequency, size

  • Geographical data – zip codes, billing vs. shipping

  • Seasonality - holidays, buying trends

Shopify customer segmention

​With our software you'll be able to

  1. Real-time unified data for Shopify, recharge  and more.

  2. Better targeting with customer segments for new and returning.

  3.  Insights to give you a customer-centric view of your store.

See  for yourself. Fill out the form to schedule a free demo customized for your specific business goals. 

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"VIEWN's team can break down technical solutions into common language. Having our data in one place has eliminated duplicate work, and reduces the time and effort to launch something new."

- Anastasia M., CEO Lean Orb

"One of the biggest benefits of utilizing VIEWN is the easy-to-understand and accurate segmentation of our customers along with advanced insights. Overall the software simplifies the process of creating better content, automation leading to more personalized customer experiences. VIEWN is going to be a game-changer for our customers!”

- Scott L., President Virtual Travel Hub