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Getting started with segments with our predefined customer segmentation of your data. We've defined Psychographic, Demographic and Behavioral segments you can get from order data.

Customer snapshot & trends

Customer needs and habits change over time. You need to stay ahead of these changes. VIEWN builds segments on-demand and historically. Track segment trends will still meet your stores' growth targets. 


Expandable for advanced segments

The power of data is being able to grow and enrich it. VIEWN's platform lets you build from 3rd party audience profiles and attitudinal surveys for more advanced customer segmentation.


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Customer Segmentation across channels for better, more efficient targeting 

The more granular you can evaluate your customers the better you know them.
That is what we call a deep understanding of the customer.
Six valuable segments from behavioral da

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Behavior data comes from the digital campaign interactions and order transactions. But you need to be able to remember the segments. See how we named them.

Psychographic Segments

Identify real customer characteristics by looking at timing, location, seasonalities. Understand customers personally.
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Behavioral Segments

Learn how customers have engaged with you before. Leverage previous purchases, campaigns, and Ad channels engaged for valuable insights.

Custom Segments Lists

Build custom lists for remarketing on platforms like Facebook Audience, Google Ads, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator is key to efficient marketing.
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Customer segmentation

Trends impacting segments

Expect your customer needs to change over time. This means your customer segmentation performance may shift as well. With VIEWN Segmentation Dashboard helps you understand sales trends, engagement characteristics,
and more.

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​With our software you'll be able to

  1. Real-time unified data from transactions, campaigns and more.

  2. Better targeting with customer segments for new and returning.

  3.  Insights to give you a customer-centric view of your brand.

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