Customer Insights. 
Audience Creation.

Gain insights from your segments and personas to personalize and optimize customer interactions across their multi-channel buyer journey.

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The VIEWN Segmentation Engine lets you see  your customers in a single view, the foundation for becoming a customer-centric business.

Give the teams responsible for the customer experience, across all channels and every stage of the buyer journey, customer insights. Provide accsss to information to identify target audiences for programs, without relying on technical resources.

Orchestrate a postive customer experience that generate business results.


Predict and Personalize

Start with pre-defined segments, based on your current demographic, psychographic, behavioral and transaction data. 

Grow and enrich your data with third-party audience profiles and attitudinal surveys for more advanced segmentation and predictive analytics.

Stay informed about changing customer preferences and habits, in real-time. Track if trends will meet your growth targets and adjust as needed.

Create target audience lists from segments and personas to design personalized customer journey across every channel and touch point.

More About Segments

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