Product Demo Guide


This product demo is intended to give a prospect the ability to touch and see what VIEWN's CDP platform can deliver as well as how we deliver customer profiles, journeys, and insights.

This demo brand called, The Personalized Traveler has two hotel brands associated each with sample mocked customer data and reports.

Required Setup

The latest updates to this demo account no longer require users to be logged into a Chrome browser.  To grant access to this account, the manager at needs the same and email address for whoever needs the demo granted. Once the user creates the account in VIEWN, he/she/they are ready to go!

Brands Portfolio

The first page you land on within the VIEWN platform we call the Brands Portfolio page- designed to manage multiple brands and programs can be managed at the same time. With a few simple actions, your brands and subbrands are clearly navigated. 

One login lets you manage each brand based on the level of access of the person.



From the brands, navigate to the profiles tab- the main essence of a customer data platform. Here we start with a summarized view of the customers, with the factors of the customer that is available. Availability depends on the data available and, of course, the data sources you have connected.

The customer profile represents a drilled down more detailed profile of an individual.


Building from the profile data, segments are defined and formed. VIEWN does this with rule-based segments for customer behavior characteristics. We can also apply AI models such as clustering to define truly unique and distinct customer segments and personas to which you can efficiently and effectively target your most valued customers.

We build segments from many data types but have found the most informative factors blend demographics, customer behaviors, and attitudes.


The most important section for the CMO as it houses the critical marketing metrics and performance analytics.  Here we demonstrate a typical agency dashboard with key KPIs as well as demographic and engagement data. This one is tied to Google Analytics so you can filter and engage with this dashboard. 

We have reports and advanced insights for eCommerce and marketing performance.


The value from customer data platforms really comes from the ability to boost activation and retention. Here activation is realized here as we schedule and group audiences for campaigns and on-going workflows. 

VIEWN connects with popular marketing automation applications like Send Grid and Mailchimp as well as exports lookalike lists for social media like LinkedIn Ad Center.