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Grow Your Retail Business

Are you a retailer struggling to manage and leverage customer data to drive business success and improve the customer experience? Our customer data platform (CDP) is the solution you've been seeking.

With our CDP, you can easily integrate data from multiple sources, gain deeper insights into customer behavior and preferences, and deliver a more personalized and seamless customer experience. Plus, our CDP can help you to improve data security, streamline data management and analysis processes, and scale with your business needs. Don't miss out on the benefits of a CDP - invest in one today and take your retail business to the next level!
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Understanding customers enables businesses to transform the customer experience, across all channels, to drive traffic to the store.


Our platform connects and integrates customer data so that businesses can use it to optimize programs and generate sales.


Deliver the right message and offer, at the right time, to not only make the sale but increase the frequency, recency, and value of transactions.


Drive traffic to your stores and online stores

See your customers and everything about them, in one place.

Take action on insights and deliver personalized customer experiences.

Target audiences with relevant, personalized messages and offers, across the customer lifecycle.

Generate revenue from new and repeat customers, and subscribers.

Build targeted audiences that convert faster

Create segments based on purchasing behavior, demographics, customer attitudes, and other characteristics and attributes captured by all of the different apps you use.

Enterprise-grade Security & Privacy

Manage customer info and their preferences confidently, despite evolving global privacy regulations. Honor customer preferences across the entire customer experience.

Scalable to run omni-channel campaigns 

Make your marketing campaigns more effective with multi-channel journeys that are tailored to the customer's needs like preference, timing, and products. .

Keep your applications and maximize the investment in your technology stack.

Send customer profile information to the technologies and teams that need them. Make the most of these investments by converting shoppers into buyers and buyers into loyal customers. That's how you'll grow your business.

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VIEWN for Shopify 

VIEWN for Shopify is a real-time Customer Data Platform. It creates a unified source of visitor and customer intelligence for your digital offering.

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