An executive dashboard to track metrics across Shopify and Amazon

Start with a big picture and key metrics.
See performance across stores for sales, customers, campaigns, and products. Drill down and go deep where you need.
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Beyond the reports, you get from Amazon

Data available for geographic analysis, seasonalities without having to code reports yourself 
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Your missing customer insights

Meet your customers online and learn what they buy, how much, how often, when, and where. See your customer like never before.

Sales and product relationships

Pre-built views on key sales and product reports. Drill down to the customer segment and profile. Get started right away.
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Whether your stores are hosted on Shopify, Amazon, and/or WooCommerce, VIEWN aggregates and connects the data to view everything in one place and for side by side analysis.

Business dashboards

Get the core business dashboards you must have to drive Sales, Product, Customer, and Campaign performance from the data you have. Metrics are available on-demand when you need it.


Customer segments

Improve perfromance with a better understanding of your audiences. Get better demographics like


and seasonality and

behavioral and attitudinal segments.


Customer, Segment, and Campaign reporting when you need it

Whether you call it real-time or on-demand, VIEWN CDP can provide you the reports you need to be customer-centric