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The current version of ViewN CDP is VIP1.2020.013
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Reports and dashboard by area

Edit of categories

Integrated file uploads into native tables

Table name consistency

Consolidated UX for File Uploads


Google Drive CSV into customer journey views

Google Drive JSON into customer journey views

Google Sheets into customer journey views

Support for UTH-8 on the preview

Views with formulas

View preview

Native Tables for Performance

Improved security and token management

App Connections Data Preview of Data
App Connections Data Preview of Schema
Enhanced Team Management by a member and by account
Improved account security and management
Session management
Safari support
Dismissal of Errors Notifications
UI Performance enhancements
API Performance enhancements 


App Connections Management Enhancements

Grid and Schema Preview for Applications

UX Enhancements

Performance Enhancements



Category Management

ViewN Integration Platform Category List

User-Defined Category Management


Enhance  webhooks for large payloads up to 5GB each

Feedback with Screenshots for Concierge service

Enhance Webhooks security



Universal Inbound Webhook manager

Webhook Management settings

Secure Webhook Management


Database Management for Apps Integration

Database Management for File Uploads

Apps connections by brands



Default Report Selection

Apps Management
Google Drive for CSV
Google Drive for JSON
Google Sheets application management


Brand metrics management

Unlimited File Uploads up to 10GB each using UI

Unlimited File Storage by Brand 

Data Management within Settings



Brand based Insights

Reports management

Reports Settings management 



Security enhancements

Profile management

Settings management



Authentication management by account

Authorization management by team member

UI enhancements with the empathy model and hero



Account Management enhancements

Brand management by accounts

File Storage automation by Brand



New User Experience based on Material design

Automation of account creation to support Portfolio

Separation of data and all client’s assets by account

Decouple UI from Backend

API backend driven architecture

Automated billing and Organization setup


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ViewN’s run on Google Cloud Platform

Zap app integration is a trademark of Zapier Inc

Marvin is a Trademark of Bimotics, Inc, own by ViewN, Inc.


Django Framework

Material Design


GCP API Libraries

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