Grow Customer Lifetime Value with segments & Personas

To grow CLV, we evaluate behavioral, transactional,  demographic & attitudinal segments, to give you a deep understanding of the customer personals.

There is so much you should know about your customer.   
Let us show you what your data can do.

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Increase in Conversion

Better customer experiences leads to more conversions. Focus on the factors that convert from our insights.

Increase in CLV

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What if your subscribers stay an additional month? Retention insights of your best segments will help.

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ROAS Increase

Improve the effectiveness of your ads with better messaging toward your personas.

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More subscribers

Grow your customer audience that will purchase again. What makes the customer love your brand? Ask us.

An intelligent customer Data platform

Profiles, Segments, Insights, and Smart Lists

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Individual Customer Profiles

Efficient data privacy & security

People are individuals and should be treated as such. We capture a Single Customer View, so you know exactly what the customer has done and the campaigns they targeted. We validate and erase data efficiently to address the growing complexity of customer data privacy.

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Segmentation and Persona Innovation

We need the granularity to do better targeting

Apply key segments to your customer base to go beyond demographics and build persona-based engagement, targeting more precisely and effectively. We can also help work with your data so that segments can be organically distilled with our artificial intelligence. 

Insights in Brand Engagement

Grow Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) over time

We are experts in customer experience and analytics and will help you define and uncover insights that drive your business. To grow CLV, we inform what it will take for customers to stay or buy more. For adjustments in strategy and tactics, engagements are scored and can feed continuous communication activities along the customer's total lifecycle. 

Smart Campaign Lists

Turn your messy mailing lists into a hard-working database

Marketers need efficient but effective engagement. And insights are only actionable and valuable through activation. Keep existing automation investments and load VIEWN smart lists. Based on insights and campaign performance, produce lists that interact at the right time to specific personas. 

How our cloud software works

1. Connect to sources

Connect Sources

2. Unify into profiles

Verify Profile

3. Segment and learn

Segment Learn

4. Target audiences

Target Audiences

Software that is Easy-to-use Yet Enterprise Ready

You will find our CDP flexible and compatible with several eCommerce and marketing apps, yet with the security and privacy expected from enterprise clients.