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Our pricing is simple!

Our pricing is simply the number of customer profiles per month.
Each service plan includes a series of feature tailored to our main audiences.
Also, you can cancel at any time.

Women with a Cause

Single Brand

The full power of our CDP with our 3 main modules: Knowing, Viewing and Engaging

No initial integration phase required. Includes Profile Builder,  Segment Definition, and Assignment, Unlimited App Connections, Unlimited Profiles Managed, Unlimited Insights, Effective List Export.

Cheering Crowd

Multi Brand

Portfolio features with AI offerings

Same features as the single brand package plus:
Multi-brand management and support, access to  Artificial Intelligence (AI) modules for data cleansing or  NPs,  Natural Language Query for Insights.

Creative Agency


Solutions and Partnerships

Same features as the multi-brand package plus:
Multi-account management and support.

Marketing agency partnerships with revenue sharing opportunity for brands or campaigns.  ​