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Customer Data Pain Points

Fragmented data

Data fragments very easily when teams use different applications to interact with the same customers preventing building a clear view of who the customer is and what's going on. Getting that view in real-time is further complicated with syncing and existing batch schedules. 

Understanding who are those best customers gets fogged by different contexts and workflows. 

Further, enterprises are accountable for data trust, security, and privacy which can come at a high cost if not properly managed.


Our mission: Pull data together to give you a crystal clear 360 view of your customers.

Our mission: Pull data together to give you a crystal clear 360 view of your customers.



On-demand and real-time integration of applications and data lakes where customer data lives in an enterprise.


Clean, join, and format data into individual customer profiles. Store and trace data with managed security and privacy.


Customer insights to drive segmentation analysis and organically distilled segments using AI starting from the data you have.


Cost-effective rule-based lists, build, and schedule targeted lists for more meaningful and personalized engagement. Live-feed back to your apps.

Benefits of our Innovative technology

ViewN is unlike other marketing technologies that are workflow building for future data. We start with the data you have in order to address churn, increase retention, and unlock acquisition performance immediately while complying with new privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA.

  • UI designed for the Analyst: CXO conversation

  • Distilled segmentation from your own data

  • Advanced customer analytics and insights 

  • Enterprise-grade, portfolio-based security

  • Future-proofing data privacy regulation

  • Data management and enrichment services to make useable data for growth

Easy to use segmentation and real-time engagement with little IT overhead

From marketers to marketers, delivering customer empathy to brands.

Expandable and Modular Architecture

  • A persistent unified Single Customer View a.k.a. a 360-degree Customer View accessible to other systems

  • 100% clean and enhanced database to enrich

  • Predictive Models for Retention & Retargeting from profiles

  • Personalization & Individualization from segmentation


Real Marketing Orchestration

  • Integrates seamlessly with CRMs like SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics to integrating key contact lists.

  • It plays well with marketing automation like SharpSpring, Hubspot, and MailChimp to continuously engage the targeted audiences.

  • Incorporate order data from your POS like Shopify or Square for end-to-end orchestration between customer success, sales, and services.

  • Connects in real-time and one demand so customer journeys can align.

Artificial Intelligence Improved Targeting

  • Engagement score

  • Retention predictor

    • ​​Predictive Cohort Score

  • Auto-segmentation

  • Deduplication of audience

    • Person De-duper for Golden Record

    • Record Cleansing

    • Person Standardization

  • Natural Language Processing for Ad-Hoc Reporting

  • Sentiment Analysis for Customer Success


In solutions that drive growth

Our partners have unique and innovative solutions to address churn, retain customers, and acquire new customers for both B2B and B2C.

Isolating audiences in B2B marketing funnel

For a healthcare training and compliance provider with a multi-touchpoint buyer process and a messy funnel with lots of entries and timelines. Lead data and emails from SharpSpring and webinar data from GoTo Webinar as well as 3rd party data were integrated to build real-time customer profiles based on marketing funnel stages, detailed interactions, and firmographics. 

With Revenue Architects, we performed audience isolation analysis. Created engagement scores based on the combined actions of the customer in the funnel. Found specific titles and locations to push along the marketing funnel.

Value: Greater segmentation of audiences to nurture personally in context.

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 8.36.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 8.39.35 PM.png

Segmentation from surveys and orders to build customer empathy with meaningful messages.

For a B2C health and wellness client, we brought in sales and product data from a POS and analyzed customer segments by-product usage and sales by geography. Layered on attitudinal attributes from CEO Analytics's customer surveys to validate with data new target segments and the meaningful value proposition for new target segments.

Identified potential new segments and used it to inform the most meaningful offering based on values and attitudes.

Value: Advanced customer analytics based on sales and purchase behavior information to launch new customer acquisition initiatives with specific targeted messaging.

A smart investment

VIEWN brings a powerful, marketer-driven customer data platform to meet the needs of segmentation and targeting to deliver personalized and engaging campaigns based on real customers. Fasttrack ROI with target KPIs of 10% ROAS and 3-5% customer retention.

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