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VIEWN CDP launched in AppSumo Marketplace

VIEWN CDP launched in AppSumo Marketplace- Orchestrate personalized campaigns | VIEWN

Transform marketing with software to help orchestrate personalized campaigns

If you're looking for a customer data platform that will help you create a more personalized customer experience, VIEWN has you covered. The platform is now available on the AppSumo marketplace, and it provides eCommerce stores, direct-to-consumer brands, and retailers with enhanced segmentation to design and deliver better customer experiences. VIEWN also helps maximize marketing tech investment by connecting the data within each tool to gain actionable insights about customers. With this information, businesses can create targeted campaigns that result in growth.

Thanks to VIEWN's easy-to-use interface, you don't have to know tech to get started quickly and see results. Our product designers worked with several marketers from large enterprises to smaller businesses to design a solution that didn't just work, but software that could be managed internally so that campaigns could keep up with the speed of business and changing customer needs. Marketing agencies benefit from the transformation with data available for customer insights and activation.

VIEWN is a customer data platform that has all the features you need to get started with enhancing your customer experience today. With VIEWN, businesses can:

  • Connect data from various marketing tools to get a holistic view of the customer

  • Segment customers into groups based on their behavior, interests, labels within their control from individual customer profiles.

  • Create targeted campaigns that result in growth by tailoring customer experiences specific to meeting your customer's needs.

Thanks to our easy-to-use interface and our many features, you can start seeing results quickly. We are offering our B2C customers with over 100,000 customers half off for the year. Any store can get started started unifying their customer data, at one flat monthly price.

We made it possible for store owners to connect all of their customer data so they can deliver an optimal experience and build loyalty through personalized content. Our proprietary process breaks down the typical barriers that marketers face when using this information, delivering actionable insights in seconds instead of hours or days!

"We're also launching new software designed specifically with Shopify Plus and Amazon stores in mind - taking full advantage of your app's capabilities while automatically segmenting customers according to preferences you set out beforehand We’re excited about providing this solution and giving our clients the personalization strength of top eCommerce enterprises right out of the gate." states Areeya Lila, VIEWN Founder, and CEO.

The platform provides eCommerce stores, direct-to-consumer brands, and retailers with enhanced segmentation to design and deliver a better customer experience.VIEWN is the perfect customer data platform for anyone looking to get started with enhancing their customer experience. With our easy-to-use interface and robust features, you can be up and running quickly and see results. Interested in getting started but would like to speak to our team? Sign up today and we'll be happy to help you out!

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