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Privacy as an externality pressuring customer experience innovation

Y combinator teaches that regulations can often be a catalyst for great tech innovation. Privacy has been for marketing and ad tech innovation—Goodbye internet cookie trackers.

In response to consumer feedback that customer experiences where you are followed all over the place feel creepy and as a violation of privacy. In response to this negative feedback, governments like the EU and the state of California are finally, after decades responding with policy reform such as GDPR and CCPA. Proactively, the big data gatekeepers of Facebook and Google are abandoning cookies that were once foundational to digital advertising.

So what is a digital marketer to do?

What is the impact on your current situation?

From what we can tell, the transition has already begun. Most marketers have the "opt-in" as part of their customer journey. If you are doing better than 40% opting in, then, apparently, you are an expert- already. (Please get in touch, I have questions.)

VIEWN, as forward-thinking technologists, is ready for these changes to the customer experience and related data degradation to your metrics. I see enterprise teams needing to evaluate customer data platform (CDP) technology for their advanced segmentation capability. We are using our CDP and connecting it to artificial intelligence (AI) models that look at the unique factors within the order, customer, and campaign data. Then we draw the key segments that comprise the persona. This layering of AI-enabled target personas adds need depth you need with interacting with your customer.

The insights from the customer personas of coursed are then amplified throughout the organization. We call it "customer empathy," which needs to align marketing and sales, create personalized content, and set better timing within iterations. We have been sharing our findings in nearly weekly articles now.

Here's one that sparked this update.

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