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ViewN acquires big data tool, marvin, and its creator, Bimotics

In October 2019, ViewN, provider of a SaaS-based AI-driven customer data platform (CDP), purchased Bimotics, creator of marvin, a big data tool for developers on the Google Cloud Platform. marvin stands for Massive Analytics Repository on a Very Intelligent Network and was an easy way to bring together information from multiple data sources for analysis. Previous clients of marvin appreciated the self-service nature of data management as well as the breadth of big data problems it fixed. This acquisition is pivotal to accelerating ViewN’s product development of a robust, powerful, and user-friendly AI-engine and CDP.

“We were interested in marvin because it was a proven big data and data warehouse solution, adopted by small businesses to test product-market fit, measure key performance indicators, and accelerate their niche advantages,” states Areeya Lila, CEO of ViewN. Further, Ms. Lila states, “marvin helps put ViewN in the position of offering an affordable, but robust data platform, enhanced by AI, to customers with limited marketing resources, budgets and expertise.” Most mid-sized enterprises do not have the technical resources to the solution and maintain the infrastructure needed to manage enterprise-grade data from customers because they use so many different applications and need real data expertise to tie it together and make use of it.

ViewN Chief Product Officer, Roberto Landrau says, “From an intellectual property perspective, marvin's architecture and capabilities are robust. Owning the product gives us a roadmap and a scaled model from which to build ViewN. Having a reference for our developers has been immensely helpful in allowing us to move faster and delivering ahead of schedule.”

The acquisition of Bimotics and the integration of Marvin's also means that ViewN secured the full IP transfer. ViewN is now in a position to offer the market an AI-driven customer data platform for marketing professionals in early 2020. With a complete solution, ViewN may also explore bigger opportunities and more target markets like advanced data enrichment and customer journey/buyer engagement analytics.

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