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NO CODE connectors @VIEWN

We're excited to share the release of our NO CODE connectors to integrate ALL your data

Our engineering team this year has been working hard figuring out how to make our customer data software truly self-service for marketers. From our extensive experience building enterprise solutions, we understand that IT can't support every necessary initiative. So, we've designed and built our NO CODING data connectors that you can set up in less than 15 seconds.

Here is the video to prove it!

Customer data platforms (CDPs) are unique in their strengths for connecting to the different applications that use customer data in an enterprise. For example, operational CDPs connect software for marketing, customer service, and product to build a 360-degree view of how the customer is interacting with the company. With our NO CODE connectors, marketers can get up and running faster and maintain their database without having to enter a task ticket into Jira and then waiting 2 months for it to be prioritized by IT. Your marketing analysts stay in control, understand, and iterate, to start turning value from the data you have.

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