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Humans are still and will be in control of AI

There is a legitimate concern that technology will take many jobs even in the once resilient service sector, even though the human experience would not replace digital experience. I have been listening to news commentators talk about how artificial intelligence (AI)and automation is replacing these job faster than the market will fill jobs. It seems that everyone is so quick to cast AI as an evil character - especially with its ability to exacerbate racial and gender biases.

As the CEO of an AI software company, of course, I have more optimistic about the technology than reporters are. But I have an excellent reason to be optimistic. I see machine learning and AI as a way to make humans more like heroes with superpowers. At VIEWN, we crunch volumes of data that would be impossible for even an army of data crunchers to compute accurately.

In my latest LinkedIn article, I share some of the gains we see in delivering valuable insights and personalization for the brands we serve.

  1. AI-optimized customer journeys

  2. AI- defined customer personas and audiences

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