• Areeya Lila CEO @ViewN

Growing eCommerce means boosting returns on your marketing investment

Updated: May 19

Even before the pandemic, I have watched how mobile customer experience and eCommerce were going to see explosive growth- now 52% at $466B last year.

There are many reasons why I wish our team could develop the software faster, but I understand the complexity of building a robust enterprise software offering. For VIEWN's customer data platform (CDP), we weren't looking to be a quick gimmick, but we went after the problems that marketers needed to solve. Always looking to solve the problem of fragmented data from using different applications and platforms. Our solution has become very exciting. More specifically, we can unify that data and dig into the details and segmentation to organically distill personas with AI.

In this article published on Linkedin, How to grow your eCommerce business like a PRO, I begin to cover how data-driven segmentation gives you insights into your customers that make you connect with them more meaningfully.

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