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Founder University and #MiamiTech

VIEWN spending this week at Founders University. I learned about this program from the other respected entrepreneurs in #MiamiTech. Lucky for me, they are still virtual so I could attend. I noticed other local startups there still in the game. What a relief.

The program is just two days packed with courses. So far looking at the agenda the topics are not just the same ones I’ve had other programs in the pre-seed stage. You get to hear feedback as real entrepreneurs pitch their startups. Lots of AI solutions out there.

Not surprisingly, the vibe was very empowering. We all miss the community feel and comradery that comes from other sincere founders. It is always energizing to witness other women entrepreneurs killing it in the startup space. Helps me keep slogging away.

Listening to the pitch feedback most valuable. But I found the follow-up questions about which part of the revenue is recurring vs. single buyers the most consistent. The piece @VIEWN most seeks to unlock. Month-over-month subscribers will be key. Also very important, investors want to see a path forward- that is 100x. Don’t fall into the 10x formula for software.

The last module was the most valuable to VIEWN. Enterprise sales. I will go back to see the trade-off between outsourcing and investing in growing internal sales again. Helps that #LeadIq is in an adjacent space.

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