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CDP unlocks real personalization

A 5 part series on personalized marketing solutions that CDPs deliver

Customer data platforms (CDPs) are working to make personalization a reality for marketers. But how so exactly? In researching and practicing this topic I found that there are three key ways in which you can leverage your CDP technology and unlock marketing performance: data-driven segmentation, engagement scores, and customer journey personalization. There is a lot to cover so I made a digestible series where I will share ideas and use cases that marketers can achieve from a customer data platform.

Part 1 - Personalization Whats and Whys

In the past, I shared personalization tactics that you can implement in the context of the customer journey. In this post, I want to start with the fundamentals then share specific examples on personalization tactics that are unlocked by CDP technology like VIEWN. One could argue that perhaps a mixture of other technologies also can unlock these personalization tactics. My direct experience is with CDPs and it’s exciting in its efficiency and modular structure.

Personalization defined

Quickly defined, marketing personalization or personalized marketing, is the practice of using data to deliver meaningful brand messages that are targeted to an individual prospect. This is to convey a one-on-one customer experience. Personalization flips traditional marketing on its head, in that targeting is both more efficient and effective than appealing to the masses hoping to acquire a small number of customers. Analytics are more sophisticated and better data collection on individual prospects allowing marketers to communicate with prospects using the most relevant message at the ideal time.

The arguments for Personalized Marketing

It delivers better experiences:

74% of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized. - Instapage

36% of consumers say retailers need to do more to offer personalized experiences. - Retail TouchPoints

Customers say it works:

66% of consumers say encountering content that isn’t personalized would stop them from making a purchase. - CMO by Adobe

72% of consumers say they only engage with personalized messaging. - SmarterHQ

Personalization unlocked by a CDP

Powerful CDP-fueled personalization solutions will help you design and deliver a more personalized customer experience (CX) that your customers want and deserve. And we start at the top with your customers first. Have you validated your segmentation assumptions against the customer data that you have? Have you experienced shortcomings with traditional focus groups like missing other target segments? A CDP can take the customer data you have, and begin to distill customer segments organically from real-world data.

The second part will explore engagement scores looking at new and innovative ways to look across the different applications and still get a sense of how customers are interacting with you. We will look at the next evolution of Lead Scoring and see how Engagement Scores really takes the same notion and applies it to more marketing channels often required for orchestrating communications. A CDP can extend the data collection and scoring capabilities which at the very least improve the quality of marketing qualified leads.

The final and third part explores use cases from the customer journey in order to improve the customer experience directly with data and smart lists- export functionality core to CDPs. Optimizing the customer experience with analytics and the data you have driven many-core personalization tactics available. Digital marketing is often too satisfied with the email automation solution they have and miss the new channels preferred by the valued segment. CDPs like VIEWN compliment customer journey applications.

CX is a top priority of product managers, CX, and marketers - so if your organization still has some CX boxes to check, increasing customer personalization is critical and this series will be helpful. I’m excited to share my experience at VIEWN so far implementing real-world personalization techniques that deliver impactful results for different brands like increasing ways to sell and transforming customer retention.

Stay tuned for my next series on customer segmentation and how to get it done with a CDP.

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