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A customer data platform for growth

Profiles, Segments, Insights and Smart Lists

Our AI-engine helps marketers unlock growth opportunities by activating customer data to increase customer lifetime value through segmentation and smarter buyer engagement programs. Fragmented data across different systems creates complexity,  privacy, and inaccuracies. The ViewN platform solves these customer data challenges to inform customer acquisition and retention strategies and tactics.

ViewN unlocks data value by connecting different data sources, preparing data sets and analyzing data to identify audience segments for targeted buyer engagement:

  • Generate customer profiles

  • Determine segments organically from the data with AI

  • Utilize customer & journey insights

  • Identify performing segments and buying behaviors

  • Produce targeted lists for campaigns.

Realize the true visibility of your customers by identifying who your customers are, what they are doing and how and why they buy.


All businesses can benefit from the value of customer profiling from their own data.

A B2C customer profile may point to usage information and segmentation by demographics and buyer attitudes while, a B2B customer profile often includes the firmographic data in a CRM—such as their company size, employee count, or annual turnover.

Marketing Data Playground

A great customer experience requires interacting with them now instead of later, anticipating their needs, and communicating with relevance. ViewN's marketing data playgrounds help marketers do these by observing and acting in real-time. All these platform components are abstracted, no need to code or setup infrastructure. VIEWN is a full SaaS, nothing to install and coding required.

Information design

VIEWN design is based on a UX methodology for intuitive and natural interaction with the software, and not the other way around. By designing a mobile-first experience we were forced to bring the most important features to the user, no more no less.

The Human Side of AI

We at VIEWN, believe that knowing more about your individual customer lets you interact with them more naturally and effectively. We want to humanize the customer's experience with business and technology, that is why we built our customer data platform specifically for marketers. We are passionate about customer experience, marketing big data and AI technology. We want marketers to orchestrate amazing customer journeys.

We believe in delivering empathy to your customers via AI, but how? Empathy as the ability to understand and `share the feelings of another`. If you could understand your customers and how they feel about your product/service, then you can better serve them with what they need by providing what they want. 

AI `understanding` is one part, is the part of the facts, the actions they took to engage with you. Then the `empathy` is the synthesis of the big picture of the customer as a whole and as an individual.

VIEWN can deliver `understanding` by descriptive analysis, and then deliver `empathy` by predictive and prescriptive analysis.

AI Driven Data Quality

Always Learning

Working with different sources of 1rst party data needs powerful technology to clean, tag and merge your data. VIEWN's AI automates critical data management tasks taking marketing data efficiency and accuracy to a new level without the need to in-bulk remapping of information when new programs come aboard.

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