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An Analytics Platform for the Marketer

Customers interact on more channels than ever before. They come and go through more touch points. The challenge of delivering a consistent and clear brand experience requires new technical capability. That is why we at VIEWN describe our software as a "marketing data playground". Leverage more data and play with new ideas that can drive new engagement. VIEWN abstract all the technical aspects of the platform, so you can focus on your marketing efforts.


VIEWN Orchestrates for More Personalized & Relevant Engagement

Sitting at the center, ViewN orchestrates the movement of data and insights of marketing campaigns driving new information back into the customer experience.


Information design

VIEWN design is based on a UX methodology for intuitive and natural interaction with the software, and not the other way around. By designing a mobile-first experience we were forced to bring the most important features to the user, no more no less.


Marketing Data Playground

A great customer experience requires interacting with them now instead of later, anticipating their needs, and communicating with relevance. ViewN's marketing data playgrounds help marketers do these by observing and acting in real-time. All these platform components are abstracted, no need to code or setup infrastructure. VIEWN is a full SaaS, nothing to install and coding required.