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VIEWN  - The elevator pitch!

Are you loyal to any brand? Do you feel that any of those brands are loyal to you? Do you think they understand you? Most customers are frustrated with the lack of empathy from brands, by having the wrong conversation, but also Marketers are frustrated because is very hard for them to have a single customer view and personalize their communication.
My name is Roberto and I am delivering empathy to customer brands, a unique Customer Data Platform increasing customer retention and engagement via real-time personalization. We crafted a method to provide empathy to customers brands by understanding their behavior, engagement history in order to increase retention, by retargeting, we believe that digital marketplaces are the best target market, leveraging our multi-brand platform for producers and consumers.
I’m looking for seed funds to reach Product-Market fit, to increase our IT professionals, business, legal and marketing experts to turn this dream into a growth startup.

Pitch - Appendix

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VIEWN Milestones

  • Team selection

  • Buyer persona market research

  • Industry and competitive analysis

  • Willingness to pay

  • Feasibility analysis

    • technology and architecture validation with Google

  • Feature selection prioritization

    • with potential brand customers

  • UX / UI Prototype based on web UI

  • UX usability test

  • Attend MarTec Boston 2018

  • Validate model at CDP workshop

VIEWN work in progress

  • Founders invested over $85K in cash

  • Enrolling 6 customers (marketplaces) for product discovery to co-develop the MVP for product market fit

  • VIEWN backend platform for multi-tenant and security setup

  • UX UI design for remaining pages of the prototype​

  • Seeking seed or angel funds to fast-track product development to product market fit.

Building Homes

What's next for VIEWN?

  • Hire product/project manager

  • Hire 3 developer

  • Complete UI design

  • Execute Silicon Valley product discovery process

  • Connect VIEWN UI to Bimotics platform

  • Launch MVP with 6 customers

  • Seek funds for growth and hire rest of team.

The CDP industry

"A Customer Data Platform is a marketer-managed system that creates a persistent unified customer database that is accessible to other systems". - CDPinstitute

2013 May - David Raab coined the term CDP on his blog
2015 April - Raab Associates presents CDP on Slideshare at Martec
2016 Mar - MARTEC separate CDP from DMP and Tag mgmt
2016 Jul - Gartner recognized CDP as the third emerging market on the hype
2016 Nov - The CDPinstitute.org gets organized
2019 - CDP market share to reach over $1 billion dollar

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CDP market & competitors

  • Martec identifies 12 out of 4,000 companies as purely playing on the CDP space

  • Around 5 CDP companies making over $22.5M a year in revenue

  • Most CDP are based at a single office

  • Most CDP have less than 50 employees

  • Most CDP with about $30M investment funding

  • Most CDP funded within the last 5 years​

  • Treasure Data has the highest exit of $600 million

Industry analysis as of June 2018 by CDP institute.

CDP market share news

  • Customer Data Platforms (CDP) will reach $1 billion by 2019, according to the marketing technology consultancy that coined the category three years ago.

  • Researchers at Swarthmore, Pa.-based Raab Associates made the prediction after analyzing 27 CDP vendors that collectively generated more than $300 million in revenue last year.

  • 5 of them making +$22.5M, leaving the rest at an average of $8.5M a year

  • Estimated CAGR 50%

  • Gartner estimates 1% market penetration

  • Gartner 3rd spot on the marketing hype curve of plateau 2-5 years

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VIEWN target market

We believe marketplaces are the next retail venue. Where the marketplace does not develop their own product but manages as a broker of services like Boatsetter, Ezty, Uber.
Marketplaces have two main personas; the producer (driver) and the consumer (rider). There is a third persona, the marketplace itself and the join of the 3 entities to provide personal communication between the parties.
VIEWN sees this target market as the fastest growing segment and the most demanding of multi-persona management. We call this multi-brand. With the power to manage multi-agencies, multi-accounts, and multi-brands, we can provide a unique experience to marketplaces. Check out target marketplace deck here.

VIEWN target region

Most of the CDPs are based in California or the northeast of the USA. VIEWN location is a privilege as we are based in Miami Florida.

Our initial region is based on Latin America with marketplaces with their HQ in Miami.

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Samples of Target Marketplaces
& Sharing Economy Brands

Based in South Florida

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