Presenting VIEWN, the leading Customer Data Platform for Marketplaces

From marketers to marketers, delivering customer empathy to brands.

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Frustrated customer!

Customers are frustrated by a lack of recognition by the brands with which they interact. The least you could do after a customer buys from you is to provide them empathy for what they want and what they need.

Frustrated marketers!

A single customer view is difficult to achieve by having multiple siloed applications owned by IT. CRM is owned by sales, orders are owned by supply chain and fulfillment by shipping. IT owns the data warehouses and reporting. Marketing is limited to supporting customer success and marketing automation. The more tools your organization adopts, the harder for it is for marketing to view and communicate to their customers. Under this structure, true personalization is limited

Customer empathy has been unachievable. Until ViewN.

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How can we deliver customer empathy to brands?

Empathy is the synthesis of the big picture of the customer as a whole and as an individual. We deliver empathy through predictive and prescriptive analysis.​​

We help you understand your customers and how they feel about your product/service based on their engagement with you. With ‘understanding’ you can better serve customers with what they need by providing what they want. We deliver understanding through descriptive analysis methods.

VIEWN: A Customer Data Platform that Delivers Customer Empathy

VIEWN multi-account and multi-brand capabilities allow us to serve enhanced CDP capabilities to marketplaces and agencies. Our AI features enhance our offering setting us apart from other Marketing technologies.

VIEWN components:

  • Audience & profile management

  • Segmentation

  • Customer understanding & analytics

  • Engagement

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The VIEW solution

  • A persistent unified Single Customer View (SCV) that is accessible to other systems

  • 100% clean and enhanced database

  • Enablement of marketing decisions based on trustworthy facts not skewed by data inaccuracies

  • Retention & Retargeting

  • Personalization & Individualization

  • Support for:

    • Orchestrated Marketing

    • Marketing Automaton

Artificial Intelligence

  • Engagement score

  • Retention predictor

    • ​​Predictive Cohort Score

  • Auto-segmentation

  • Deduplication of audience

    • Person De-duper for Golden Record

    • Record Cleansing

    • Person Standardization

  • Natural Language Processing for Ad-Hoc Reporting

  • Sentiment Analysis for Customer Success

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The VIEWN approach

VIEWN was born as a CDP. We grew up from a proven data technology platform supporting marketers building their CDPs. We understand the features, we understand the team required, we have strong expertise in big data solutions for marketing and sales, we understand marketplaces, we are at the right time, at the right place with the right solution to deliver customer empathy to brands and agencies. 

Business Model

We believe in a fair price model, based on active customers. Pricing is based on the WTP of customers on a PPPM basis or Per Profile Per Month of $0.029.

This includes:

•    All features out of the box

•    Customer Success Manager

•    Customizations available on a paid, case-by-case basis

ViewN internal cost model:

•    Usage of GCP IaaS technology

•    Zapier connectivity to applications

•    Human capital

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VIEWN forecast

Our current WTP is between $0.019 and $0.029 per PPPM.

Our forecast is based on targeting customers (marketplaces/brands) with at least 300,000 of combined (producers & consumers) profiles per month. With just 28 customers and a conservative PPPM of $0.010, we could achieve the first $ million in yearly revenue.

$0.01 x 28 x 300,000 x 12 = $1,008,000 

Check out our latest version of VIEWN Lean Canvas, including plans, industry information, target market and sizing via our Appendix.