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Quickly find out whether we have already addressed any questions that may be on your mind. We welcome all inquiries on matters big or small. If there is something that is on your mind that we might not have covered, please get in touch with us today! VIEWN is here to help you in any and all capacities.

Whom is VIEWN built for?

VIEWN is built by marketers for marketers, but we also can have any other user with the right privileges to interact with your customer data platform. We are multi-agency, multi-brand, and multi-marketplaces ready, but if you just want to manage your brand-customer data, we are the right place too.

What's VIEWN take on AI?

VIEWN's AI capabilities are integrated with the customer journey. Marketers have the control, and not the AI, our AI works as suggestions, for example, automatic segmentation, customer retention, customer engagement score, and our natural language questions, that aim to replace the hard task of building reports from scratch.

VIEWN leverages the human-side of AI, where we supply customer information to garner empathy in your interactions with customers.


What's VIEWN secret sauce?

VIEWN's secret sauce is simple, we are packaged software for marketers who need control of their data and but do not have the capital budgets to build and sustain their own custom-built solutions.


With our more secret ingredients, we abstract all the technology into a simple UI that allows users to execute on all their tasks when they want to, on the right data, at the right time, to the right audience. We enhance our platform with AI capabilities that helps marketers make better decisions with more live information.


Do I need to code to use VIEWN? (Do I need IT?)

No coding required, that our motto! Actually, we focus on abstracting all the technical aspects of the data platform, in order for marketers to focus on analyzing audiences, profiles and improve their engagement.


Does VIEWN support for real-time and batch process?

Yes! we allow marketers to upload their data or to connect to their marketing/sales technology and to update their customer data in both batch or even real-time.

How many users could access directly VIEWN?

We do not have a limit on the users that interact with the customer data of VIEWN, we allow marketers or even agencies to enable users within their clients to access and review their customer data. Since agencies could have hundreds of accounts and those accounts could have multiple brands. We understand that all secure users should be able to see/manage their own data.

Does VIEWNN support GDPR?

Yes! In fact, brands are moving towards more CDP options in order to truly confirm that a customer's information is handled in compliance. With treating customers as individuals as our core, we not only provide a means to manage GDPR but also requirements for the management and logging of PII information.


Does ViewN share the data with partners and others?

No. VIEWN does not own, use or access any of our customer's data unless allowed by the customer under a support case. Our customers are the owners of their respective data. They just run and persist their data through our packaged software.


Can I export all my data from VIEWN?

Yes!, after all, is your data. As a customer of VIEWN, you can extract and export all your data in a variety of formats and frequency. A true CDP platform like VIEWN allows their marketers to securely export all their data manually or automated.

How is VIEWN different to a data management platform (DMP)?

VIEWN is a customer data platform (CDP) with the main intention to store and manage 1st party data. This means you know these customers, you have data about them and you are able to personalize their engagement with you. 1rst Party data are more you qualified leads, opportunities, accounts, and customers.  DMPs' mostly deals with unknown data like raw leads and prospects before opt-in.


How is VIEWN different to a DW?

VIEWN started as a massive cloud Data Warehouse focused on marketing facts and dimensions. Currently, our marketing data playground abstracts all the technology and simplifies the use of that Big Data into marketing processes and solutions like segmentation, audience management, analytics, and engagement.

Multiple DWs can be sources for a CDP.

How is VIEWN different to a MDM?

MDM or Master Data Management allows customers to manage a golden record but usually focus only on the unique identifier of the customer. VIEWN's CPD allows marketers to manage and create that golden record of the customer but also analyze their performance, engagement, and segmentation, while integrating all their 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data.

How can I request a demo?

VIEWN currently has our first clients- we are ready to evaluate your next project. ViewN technology platform is ready to import all the data required, but we are still building all the easy UI that marketers will love to use. If you still would like to see a demo of our UI prototype or our data platform, please send us a note.

How can I invest in your startup?

Yes, please let us know what information you need and we will manage diligently. Please contact our CEO, Areeya Lila, at areeya.lila@viewn.com for investor information.

Do you have intern positions?

We are always open to intern positions, based on qualifications and projects in motion, send us your resume and we will notify you of a match.  We generally have the intern agree on the scope and timeline with a dedicated mentor. At this time internships are not paid positions, however, VIEWN can work with a university to sign off on credit hours.

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