More profitable online stores

Drive traffic to your store effectively

eCommerce produces a lot of telling data.  When you sell on multiple platforms the data multiples with it.  Grow big enough and you need reports and insights faster and holistically. VIEWN gives you insights to grow it by bringing data together and making sense of it.

We connect to the different business systems you use

Sell on many Platforms




Grow your customer lists with automated marketing from


Facebook Ads

Amazon Ads

and more..

Augment the data you have and get what's missing from Amazon to improve your margins.


Apply learnings from one store to another. Market to lookalikes for lower closing ration. 


Increase customer targets with better marketing. Lower CPA by engaging the right audience.

Go beyond the data Amazon gives you to make your Amazon shop more profitable

Targeted campaigns from intelligence
  • Geographic segmentation

  • Seasonality details

Retention intelligence
  • New vs. returning customers

  • Customer wallet and buying pattern

  • Returning customers as a share of the sale

  • Channel analysis

Apply learnings from Amazon to your own e-commerce site - lower fees

Side by side information of store performance
  • Sales Performance and trends

  • Product Performance and trends

  • Customer Engagement

Market to audiences like Amazon Customer
  • Normal Behaviors - quantity, frequency, size

  • Geographical data – zip codes, billing vs. shipping

  • Seasonality - holidays, buying trends

  • YouTube
  • VIEWN Facebook
  • VIEWN twitter

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