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From the signals in your data and our retention intelligence, get the meaningful insights you need.

Whether you are looking for a customer to purchase again or stay a month longer in subscriptions. VIEWN can help.
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Decrease in Churn

Your churn rate and the related cohort analysis by customer lifetime value, will help you address specific needs

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Boost in Weekly Active Users

Behaviors to see who would potentially be ripe for rention. Like those that are active but unsubcribing.

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Repeat Purchase Ratio

Escpecially for subscriptiongs,brands must  focus on how many customers returned to purchase again. 

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More subscribers

Grow your customer audience that will purchase again. More subscribers mean more predictability in your business.

Retaining a Customer is 5x Cheaper than Acquiring a New One

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VIEWN takes data and turns it into retention intelligence. 

  • New vs. returning customers

  • Customer wallet and buying patterns

  • Returning customers as a share of the sale

  • Channel engagement and analysis

  • Dedicated retention dashboard

+ advanced segmentation from surveys 

Customer Insights

Customer segment trends to inform what customers need and why.

Factors That Matter

Find the attributes that truly move the needle to run an efficient marketing

Store & Channel Sales

Get engagement details on which stores are growing which kinds of customers

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Advanced Attitudinal Segments

Without understanding the "why" customers you aren't going to connect

For a B2C health and wellness client, we brought in sales and product data from a POS and analyzed customer segments by-product usage and sales by geography. Layered on attitudinal attributes from CEO Analytics's customer surveys to validate with data new target segments and the meaningful value proposition for new target segments.

Identified potential new segments and used it to inform the most meaningful offering based on values and attitudes.


Value: Advanced customer analytics based on sales and purchase behavior information to launch new customer acquisition initiatives with specific targeted messaging.

segment attitudes data client
Segmentation from surveys and orders to build customer empathy with meaningful messages.

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"VIEWN's team can break down technical solutions into common language. Having our data in one place has eliminated duplicate work, and reduces the time and effort to launch something new."

- Anastasia M., CEO Lean Orb

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"One of the biggest benefits of utilizing VIEWN is the easy-to-understand and accurate segmentation of our customers along with advanced insights. Overall the software simplifies the process of creating better content, automation leading to more personalized customer experiences. VIEWN is going to be a game-changer for our customers!”

- Scott L., President Virtual Travel Hub