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Optimize with Intelligence

Gain insights from customer profiles, segments and personas and business performance metrics in one dashboard.

Utilize the intellingence from reports and analytics built on consolidated and integrated customer data to become a customer-centric business. Start with pre-built reports in your dashboard. You can enhance the data and add advanced analytics for deeper insights, later.  

Harness the power of customer insights from your dashboard. 


Discover Segments

See your customers organzied in segments, based on customer attributes and behavior. Discover new, high-value audiences or customers who need nurturing. Compare segments, and drill down into profiles, interests and preferences. 

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Segmentation & Personas

Understand Personas

Understand different buyer persons by adding psychographic attributes, predictive analyticts and AI to you segments. Enhanced persona offers deeper insights into customer intent, propensity to buy, and next best offer.

Profile Customers

Get to know your customers personally. See their interactions and purchase history. Be confident that you're respecting and honoring their preferences and privacy as you learn more about them and plan their unique customer experience.

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Isolate Audiences

Select segments, personas, or individual profiles for targeted, personalized messages and offers. Create lists that can be used in the applications that need them to move customers along their multi-channel journey.

Get Real-time Insights

Observe customers move from segment to segment, based on their engagement and behavior along their multi-channel journey. Understand how acquistion and retention programs are performing and watch how customer value changes with every new or repeat purchase.

Customers in real time
Get the reports and analysis you want out of the technology you already use.
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Let us show you the value of your data.

Schedule a demo to see how VIEWN can address your customer data challenges and achieve your business goals.

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