Miami-based, VIEWN solves the challenges marketers have with tapping into their customer data. We leverage CDP technology to help brands treat customers more as individuals like you would in a physical store. Marketers use our solution to empathize more to generate more personal ideas, campaigns, and promotions for their customers. VIEWN solves issues that prevent marketing teams from ever refining customer campaigns based on what they know about them.

Company and Founder updates and notes

Innovative marketing tech + process excellence

VIEWN is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services, offering scalable solutions for companies with lots of customer data or none. Founded by deep domain experts in enterprise software, we strived to build something even custom IT shops could not. 

We built our solution by closely listening to our potential clientele, the digital marketer, and product leaders and understanding their expectations with our product.

We know how to analyze this information and customize our offering to changing market needs. Why not build a fast-growing customer base for your brand while we build ours? Get in touch today to learn more about the ViewN story.

We, at VIEWN, believe that knowing more about your individual customer lets you interact with them more naturally and effectively. We want to humanize the customer's experience with business and technology, that is why we built our customer data platform specifically for marketers.


We are passionate about customers, marketing, big data, and cloud technology, but we get that most marketers want the value without having to code.

The Team

Areeya Lila
Co-Founder & CEO

Expert in business strategy and growth in high tech and enterprise software. Marketing Systems, partner programs, and mobile customer experience specialists. With PwC and Accenture in business process & strategy and turnaround programs for clients including Orange Telecom, Whirlpool, and Mitsubishi. BSME from Tufts and MBA from Georgetown.

Andrea Katsivelis
CMO Advisor

Self-proclaimed data and AI fangirl with a passion for CX. Drives strategic marketing and communications initiatives, customer engagement, product launches and industry expansion. Delivers impactful new target adoption and cross-selling through collaborative growth strategies. Previously from Citrix Systems currently Microsoft.

Marcelo Salup
CRO Advisor

Advertising executive with 30+ years of international marketing & advertising experience at the largest ad agencies including DMB&B, McCann-Erickson and Foote Cone & Belding.  Led media teams that launched dozens of Fortune 500 companies globally including McDonalds in Mexico, Diet Coke, L’Oreal. Generated $150mm in ARR for DIRECTV.

Oscar Gonzalez
Creative Director

Product, UX, Visual and Interaction designer, a front-end dev, an information architect in one to try, test, fail and repeat. Passionate about the intersection of technology, art + design. International Business Marketing/Advertising from Kennesaw State University

Dmitry Ulyanov
Technology Lead

A talented, knowledgeable and skilled technical leader focused on building development and software engineering teams that are empowered and engaged. Agile Master and team glue. Extensive experience in retail and e-commerce. MA from NYU.

Roberto Landrau
Product Advisor

Product visionary. Both a seasoned entrepreneur in software as well as a Big data and AI expert. With 20 years developing automation system for marketing and sales. With a BSCS in Robotics and Computer Science and an MBA in Technology Management. 
His passion is to free marketers from IT.

Our vision

To measure empathy and understanding between businesses and their customers thus growing the sense of individual value with applied marketing technology.


Our mission


Our mission is to make the digital interactions between brands and customers more empathetic and meaningful, on-point with a humanized AI-driven Customer Data Platform.

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