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Discover your customer through your data


An Intelligent Customer Data Platform

Deliver empathy to your customers by integrating & analyzing their interaction history.

Our Customer Data Platform connects marketing applications used thru out the customer journey. 
Discover unique profiles, segment, and drive real-time effective engagement.

Recognize Your Customers with Profiles

Unified customer data. Easily manage your data on a personal level with identity management and segmentation. Gain context and preference knowledge in the context of individual customer journeys and targeted marketing funnels. Confirm your assumptions are right and test from real data.

Engage with segmented customers

Drive impactful and targeted campaigns  Conduct more intimate brand interactions when the right content is presented to the right person at the right time-even for micro-moments. With ViewN, find out what works with which customers. Test and track alternative UX paths to find what works best.

Keep Marketers in Control

No coding required.  Built for self-service, manage and handle customer data then execute on targeted lists- with clicks. Analysts and C-level conversations on a reliable dataset. VIEWN can be set up and maintained with little to no need to involve IT. Data can be democratized in mid-sized brands.


A single customer view

Audience solutions

Our audiences are customers of marketers. Our product reflects this. Profiles record customer touch points and let you adjust tactics based on the activity of the individual user.

Customer insight from behavior and preferences stored within these profiles supply marketers with essentials to craft content that inspires to specific groups.



Hyper targeted segments

Apply key segments to your customer base to go beyond demographics and build persona-based engagement which makes targeting more precise and effective.

To really know your customer, create multi-segments by filtering and selecting any category of demographics. Leverage the behavioral traits of your customers' to understand how they operate in their environment.


Smart Learning

Grow CLV over time

By layering analytics and feedback mechanisms throughout our platform, engagements are scored. From this information, continuous communication along the total lifecycle of the customer and be planned, executed and measured. Leverage multiple analytics dashboards and our AI features like auto-segmentation, customer deduping and natural language questions, which allow marketers to build technical reports themselves without having to them custom coded through a BI team.


The Team

Areeya Lila

Co-Founder & CEO

Deep domain expertise is in business strategy and growth in high tech and enterprise software. Marketing Systems, partner programs and mobile customer experience specialist. Over a decade as a management consultant with PwC and Accenture business process, business strategy and turnaround programs for clients including Orange Telecom, Whirlpool, and Mitsubishi. She possesses a BSME from Tufts and MBA from Georgetown.

Andrea Katsivelis

CMO Advisor

Self-proclaimed data and AI fangirl with a passion for CX. I'm an innovative, results-driven marketing professional with proven ability to drive strategic marketing and communications initiatives, customer engagement, product launches and industry expansion. I do this with storytelling and meaningful communications. And I impact new target adoption and cross-selling through collaborative growth strategies. Marketing is a science, and I leverage innovative techniques with passion to influence change, tried and true best practices (my own and others), data analysis and never settle until I've conquered the best strategy and tactics to make my company, its partners and our customers shine.

Marcelo Salup

CRO Advisor

Advertising executive with 30+ years of international marketing & advertising experience at some of the largest ad agencies in the world including DMB&B, McCann-Erickson and Foote Cone & Belding.  Previously, led the media teams that launched dozens of Fortune 500 companies around the world including McDonalds in Mexico, Diet Coke, L’Oreal, Dunkin Donuts and more. Led team that generated $150mm in ARR for DIRECTV.

Oscar Gonzalez

Creative Director

A product, UX, Visual and Interaction designer, a front-end dev, an information architect all rolled together to try, test, fail and repeat. Instead of just talking about how to solve a UX problem, he prefers building exploratory solutions to solve that problem. Passionate about the intersection of technology, art + design, and addicted to the thrill of creation. International Business Marketing/Advertising from Kennesaw State University

Dmitry Ulyanov

Technology Lead

A knowledgeable and skilled technical leader focused on building development and software engineering teams that are empowered and engaged.  Extensive experience in retail and e-commerce. MA from New York University.

Roberto Landrau

Product Advisor

Product visionary. Both a seasoned entrepreneur in software as well as a Big data and AI expert. With 20 years developing automation system for marketing and sales. With a BSCS in Robotics and Computer Science and an MBA in Technology Management. 
His passion is to free marketers from IT.

Meaningful Campaigns

Targeting by personalization

Communicate to the right user based on their history, segment, and timing within the journey. Develop multiple lists by campaigns and/or marketing plays. With the ease of integration to multiple marketing automation tools, feeding the lists creates efficiency and effective engagement.


The Human Side of AI

We at VIEWN, believe that knowing more about your individual customer lets you interact with them more naturally and effectively. We want to humanize the customer's experience with business and technology, that is why we built our customer data platform specifically for marketers. We are passionate about customer experience, marketing big data and AI technology. We want marketers to orchestrate amazing customer journeys.

We believe in delivering empathy to your customers via AI, but how? Empathy as the ability to understand and `share the feelings of another`. If you could understand your customers and how they feel about your product/service, then you can better serve them with what they need by providing what they want. 

AI `understanding` is one part, is the part of the facts, the actions they took to engage with you. Then the `empathy` is the synthesis of the big picture of the customer as a whole and as an individual.

VIEWN can deliver `understanding` by descriptive analysis, and then deliver `empathy` by predictive and prescriptive analysis.