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300% more conversions with connected customer data

Retailers need personalized campaigns to keep growing. We have software and proven strategies to make brands customer-centric.

Maximize revenue and control op expenses. 

 Customer Journey Views-More Possibility to Grow. 





Improve customer experience (CX)  and conversion rates means revenue growth YoY

Increase customer lifetime value (CLV) and profitability through repeat and loyal purchasers

Attract and convert more subscribers get them to stay longer with direct-to-consumer (DTC)


Decrease your cost of sales with upfront payments and save better engagement mid-funnel

Data-driven marketing and sales

Move to a customer-centric view of your business, with enhanced segmentation to design and deliver a more personalized customer experience. 

Works with POS and APP integrations

Get the most out of your ecommerce, marketing automation and subscription tools by connecting the data within each to gain actionable customer insights.

Op Ex. Get Set. Grow!

Get the operational marketing efficiencies you were expecting from a marketing analyst that can confidently drive customer data management through the automations


“Having our data in one place has eliminated duplicate work, and reduces the time and effort to launch something new”

Anastasia M.
Lean Orb

Startup Spirit. Enterprise Experience.

VIEWN was founded in 2019 by experts with a passion for AI, big data, customer experience (CX) and marketing innovation. The team's combined background also couples startup ambition with enterprise experience, and offers the best of both worlds to clients.​

We love enabling businesses to extract the most from their marketing technology investments by connecting the customer data in each application and making it actionable. With customer insights, businesses can make better decisions, create personalized messages and offers that improve the customer experience, drive revenue, and strengthen loyalty. [Meet the Team]


VIEWN for Shopify

Take your Shopify store to the next level. VIEWN for Shopify is a low code, no code CDP. Our expert customer loyalty and personalization approach will get you to your goals faster. It's easy with our cloud integrations and real-time dashboards.


Let’s Work Together

We would love to hear from you and discuss how the VIEWN Customer Success team and CDP can address your needs and achieve your business goals.


Tel: (929) 224-2787

We are a remote team but you can find a member in Miami, Boston, San Francisco, and Siberia.

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