Grow customer lifetime value with advanced segmentation and insights

An intelligent customer data platform

Deliver empathy to your customers by integrating & analyzing their interaction history on VIEWN. Connect marketing applications used for the customer journey. Discover unique profiles, segments, and drive real-time effective engagement.

Recognize your customers with profiles

Keep marketers in control instead of IT

Unified customer data

Get data on a personal level with identity management and segmentation. Gain context and preference from individual customer journeys and targeted marketing funnels. 

Engage with segmented customers

Personalization Realized

Our cloud software lets you manage your key customers while we take care of security and privacy. Activate and retain customers with more personalized messaging to key target segments.

Marketing Self-service

We have no-code connectors, an easy UI for your marketing analyst to manage data, and reports themselves with robust security and privacy in cloud technology backed by Google. 


Finally, a single customer view

Audience solutions start with a customer profile

Our audiences are customers of marketers. Our profiles record customer touchpoints and let you adjust tactics based activities of the individual user. Customer insight from behavior and preferences stored within profiles supply marketers with the essentials to craft content that inspires specific groups.

Organic segmentation from real customers

Hyper target segments to personalize

Apply key segments to your customer base to go beyond demographics and build persona-based engagement which makes targeting more precise and effective. To really know your customers, create multiple segments by filtering and selecting a demographic.

Smart learning to keep up with trends

Grow customer lifetime value over time and more profit

Layering analytics and feedback mechanisms throughout our platform, engagements are scored. Learned and continuous communication along the total lifecycle of the customer and be planned, executed, and measured. Our AI enables features like auto-segmentation and predictive retention.

Meaningful campaigns that connect

Personalized and targeted lists

Communicate to the right user based on their history, segment, and timing within the journey. Develop multiple lists by campaigns and/or marketing plays. With the ease of integration to multiple marketing automation tools, feeding the lists creates efficiency and effective engagement.

The Team

Areeya Lila

Co-Founder & CEO

Expert in business strategy and growth in high tech and enterprise software. Marketing Systems, partner programs, and mobile customer experience specialists. With PwC and Accenture in business process & strategy and turnaround programs for clients including Orange Telecom, Whirlpool, and Mitsubishi. BSME from Tufts and MBA from Georgetown.

Andrea Katsivelis

CMO Advisor

Self-proclaimed data and AI fangirl with a passion for CX. Drives strategic marketing and communications initiatives, customer engagement, product launches and industry expansion. Delivers impactful new target adoption and cross-selling through collaborative growth strategies. Previously from Citrix Systems currently Microsoft.

Marcelo Salup

CRO Advisor

Advertising executive with 30+ years of international marketing & advertising experience at the largest ad agencies including DMB&B, McCann-Erickson and Foote Cone & Belding.  Led media teams that launched dozens of Fortune 500 companies globally including McDonalds in Mexico, Diet Coke, L’Oreal. Generated $150mm in ARR for DIRECTV.

Oscar Gonzalez

Creative Director

Product, UX, Visual and Interaction designer, a front-end dev, an information architect in one to try, test, fail and repeat. Passionate about the intersection of technology, art + design. International Business Marketing/Advertising from Kennesaw State University

Dmitry Ulyanov

Technology Lead

A talented, knowledgeable and skilled technical leader focused on building development and software engineering teams that are empowered and engaged. Agile Master and team glue. Extensive experience in retail and e-commerce. MA from NYU.

Roberto Landrau

Product Advisor

Product visionary. Both a seasoned entrepreneur in software as well as a Big data and AI expert. With 20 years developing automation system for marketing and sales. With a BSCS in Robotics and Computer Science and an MBA in Technology Management. 
His passion is to free marketers from IT.


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